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What Does Sorrow Mean

*sighs* Tia and LuLu's story is so sad... I mean, why does everyone shame Celestia? Her sister was being controlled by some demon thingy and was possibly trying to kill her and take over Equestria. WHAT WAS SHE SUPPOSED TO DO? Do what our American leaders do? Tell everyone things are okay when they're not? Nightmare Moon's rule, as seen in the Season 5 finale, would be okay I guess, but Tia trapped on the moon.... Anyways, thats my Tia & LuLu rant.


Tears... If you don't cry - what does that say about you and your life? In private moments when you release those emotions -- tears are purifying, defining, and in the end; a resting for the weary soul... Afterwards you sleep or are energized; either way -- you feel better. I don't trust people who have never cried about anything - for I suspect it means they haven't cared much about anything or anyone...


So much pain in the world, so much senseless hatred, so much sorrow. Human beings who want what someone else has; human beings who fear losing what they possess. Possessions that mean more than peo...

from girl in the hat


CROW: One is for bad news, two is for mirth. Three is a wedding, four for a birth. Five is for riches, six is a thief, Seven a journey, eight is for grief. Nine is a secret, ten is for sorrow, Eleven is love and twelve is joy on the morrow. Read more:


"How can you say you love one person when there are ten thousand people in the world that you would love more if you ever met them? But you'll never meet them." Charles Bukowski.


Psalm 30:5 - Jesus demonstrated that he has the power to resurrect the dead who are "sleeping" in the grave. Hundreds of witnesses saw him after God resurrected him. Jehovah will use him to bring an end to sorrow and wickedness, and the time is almost here. Learn more at: Download "What Does the Bible Really Teach" or "The Greatest Man That Ever Lived".