Interview with Oprah // Q. What does it mean to be wild? A. "My mothers death brought me to what I think of as my most savage self. It stripped me of the one thing I needed. My mother was the taproot of my life. And suddenly, I didnt have that anymore. I had wild love for my mother. I had wild sorrow. And then I went wild. I went wild into my life."

Six little words that can make the whole Percy Jackson fandom burst into tears... <<< What do you mean "can"? It does!!

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Hello folks, I've been thinking a lot about what it means to be apart of a community recently, and trying to figure out what type of community I want to build in my new home. Some of you know that I am very close to my immediate family, and that in the years before I left for Seattle I found some of the most amazing people who became an extended part of my family and the center of my Midwest community. Now that I have made the leap and headed West I am confronted with a situation…

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“It is not enough to have a beautiful voice. What does that mean? When you interpret a role, you have to have a thousand colors to portray happiness, joy, sorrow, fear. How can you do this with only a beautiful voice? Even if you sing harshly sometimes, as I have frequently done, it is a necessity of expression. You have to do it, even if people will not understand. But in the long run they will, because you must persuade them of what you’re doing.” - Maria Callas

Amid regulatory crackdown on Northwest glass makers, Eric Lovell transfers the business to California-based Oceanside GlassTile. "What does it mean to pack up this place, which has been the work of your life?" "There have been a lot of stages of sorrow. I’ve spent my whole life creating things — product or machines or tools or jigs. It’s the opposite to be disassembling them. But for all of us, it’s death by a thousand cuts. Every little disconnect is one thing that is going away..."

Caregivers face an ongoing challenge in dealing with the difficult emotions of those we care for. When it comes to anger, despair, guilt, or sorrow, what are the best ways to respond? What does it mean if a person we are caring for feels anxious, fearful, frustrated or stressed? If we notice apathy, aggression, shame or suspicion, what can we do to try and understand what a person is feeling as we work to help them? This book identifies all the dynamics at play in these complex emotions.

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What does it mean to lament? This is no shallow emotion; it comes from the very depth of one’s being. It is a sorrow, a grief so profound that it can only be expressed with moans and inarticulate groanings that go beyond even our tears.

What Does it Mean to Rejoice in Suffering? "There is a tendency for us to say, “I am afraid of the grief, I am afraid of the sorrow. I don’t want to feel that way. I want to rejoice in the Lord.” But look at Jesus. He was perfect, right? And yet he goes around crying all the time. He is always weeping, a man of sorrow. Do you know why? Because he is perfect. Because when you are not all absorbed in yourself you can feel the sadness of the world." Tim Keller

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