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What Does Rude Mean


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! "....I think it is comical when people actually think they are awesome because they were extra rude to someone else....FYI THAT JUST MAKES YOU does not take strength to be ugly to someone..quite the opposite.

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19 Examples Of Everyday Sexism

19 Examples Of Everyday Sexism . showing how pervasive sexism and objectification of women is in our society .

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grumpy cat meme | Grumpy Cat Doesn't Want You Drinking and Driving -

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i WILL eat u Just bc your vegan doesn't mean that every fucking person on the entire planet has to agree and all become vegans bc u know what??? I fucking like dairy and chicken and animal products bc that sHIT IS GOOD TO ME

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Yep! I don't even want an apology that would mean nothing anyway! I just want to know what the heck we did?!?! And to cause someone to CONSTANTLY run her mouth about us and we never went anywhere and then WILL NOT tell us what in the world she got so mad about! Doesn't make sense does it?! Man, people need to get a clue!!!!

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It's not mean to say your lies and attempt to cause drama are not welcome. There is nothing wrong with healthy boundaries. It does not make you mean or a bully except to the person who caused it in the first place and now wants to play victim.

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Does it mean while pretending to read the card but really you are not. You are just looking at the money

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Please stop hating on him. Guys come on. Seriously what kind of fan does that to the person who they "love so much"!? If you really love him you would get out of his business with Arzaylea and just be happy for him. Is him being single forever, so you can dream of your perfect life together, more important than his happiness!? We don't know if she's lovely, or horrible. But stop hating cause you're jealous. She makes him happy. I didnt think the 5sosfam would ever do this... :( - Little Me x

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Question for my Muslim followers. I found out that you guys are not allowed to date and I was wondering what exactly that means/the reasons for it? Does it only apply to women? And does that mean that marriages are arranged in Islam? Not trying to be rude or anything just genuinely curious. When I asked before I got shut down but it's just genuine questions about the religion ~Nia 💕

ksc Doctor: How've you been?// Rory: Good, yeah. Good. I mean, Roman.// Doctor: Rory, I'm not trying to be rude. But you died.// Rory: Yeah. I know. I was there.// Doctor: You died and then you were erased from time. You didn't just die, you were never born at all. You never existed.// Rory: Erased. What does that mean?// Doctor: How can you be here?// Rory: I don't know. It's kind of fuzzy.// Doctor: Fuzzy.// Rory: Well I died and turned into a Roman. It's very distracting. ♥♥

Will Ello Be A Good Addition To Social Media Marketing Campaigns? Ello's making waves in the world of social media but is its model all it's cracked up to be? And what does it mean for businesses investing in social media? Read more:

Connor: So Platt came in with what looked like an orbital blow out fracture, CT came back clear. Lindsay: What does that mean? Is she going to be okay? Connor: She is. Halstead: He’s being modest, Platt had a bad bleed in her eye socket. Thanks to Doctor Rhodes, no permanent damage. Connor: She's up, she's alert, she's kind of rude. All cylinders firing. Halstead: What’s wrong? You okay? Lindsay: Um… her dad. (4x03)

Someone might say, "of course everyone knows this". And yes everyone knows that but you see, not everyone can see the lesson that that communicates. There are lessons and opportunities everywhere we look but it takes extra effort to recognise them. I'm sure you've heard of Mickey Mouse or at least heard of Disney World. Well, it was Walt Disney who created the cartoon, 'Mickey Mouse'. He got the idea from a mouse he saw around his desk in Missouri. While many of us would have seen that as a…

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What is reasonable 10-20% depending on the item

What is reasonable 10-20% depending on the item. I do sell some items , which are marked as charity, to raise money for a Ministry my Mother & I have. Just because ALL the proceeds , less Poshmark fee, goes to charity does not mean an offer of 40-60% off will be accepted. That is just rude. and not worth my time. Other


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