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What Does Rogue Mean

"Oh god... W-what have I done. I..I didn't mean to go this far. But I couldn't stop myself. I'm so so sorry," Eli says to the lifeless body laying several feet in front of him. (This is after Eli agrees to the terms of the organization that helped him take down James and the organization does something to Eli that makes it hard to control himself)

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Wait what does he mean by hunt them down? He's gonna kill them?!? Weeeellll good luck with that

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Stormtrooper Toy Will Play an Important Role in Star Wars: Rogue One

A Death Trooper is seen holding a Stormtrooper doll in a new Rogue One photo, but what does it mean?

"I dont like the word old because what does that even mean? Ill grow and Im not afraid to grow." - @itsruthb singer #ROGUESTORIES words by @grotesquecest

" No Borders. No Language. No Culture. What do we do about a rogue government? What does the title mean? More Government, zero representation. It is a government unto itself. It doesn’t represent the people. We all know that."

Star Wars: What Exactly Does "Rogue One" Mean Anyway?

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Cantina Talk: What Does ‘Rogue One’ Mean? Now We Know

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