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What Does Relief Mean

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15 Things That Happen When You Get Into Yoga


Personality disorder Depression Anxiety Bipolar OCD Psychosis Schizophrenia All of these (and many, many more) are labels used to diagnose people. But what does this mean for someone? What happens when they are slapped with a label? Stigma Shame Support Relief Embarrassment Confusion Hopeless Just a few ideas around what diagnosis can mean for someone. As you can see, it's a mixed bag. We are confined to the structure of diagnosis that currently exists, which means we label people as a ...

The Walking Dead Swear: We found Tara After the mass murder of the Saviors outpost Tara and Heath seemed to be in their own little world scavenging for their two-week long excursion for supplies. They dont know about Denise Abraham Glenn or even the changes being made at Alexandria. And lets be honest. We all sort of forgot about Tara and Heath especially due to the circumstances of our group. Tara has been a bit of a comic-relief with her quirky attitude and sarcastic remarks. Heath has…


Apparently #JohnCena had been cast in #ThorRagnarok -- as himself! Saw an article by on Facebook so I did some digging. Now if you look at the #Thor #Ragnarok IMDB page it lists John Cena as himself. I can see it now. #JeffGoldblum's #Grandmaster snatches up champions from all over the cosmos to fight in his #PlanetHulk style arena (a nod to #Marvel's original #ContestofChampions comic book) -- and John Cena would either make a cameo in the arena itself or in an overview…


(approximately 96% of all chronic health problems are classified as invisible, but that doesn't make them any less real or serious than a condition that is visible).


Knee pain can be the result of injury, as well as from mechanical imbalances and other problems. In fact, knee arthritis is the single greatest cause of chronic disability among US adults age 65 and older.