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What Does Posh Mean

#Follower Appreciation What does that mean? Play along with me :) I been going threw my closet and sharing closets to everyone that has ever loved an item or left a comment. It don't matter if it was a like/comment from yesterday, last week, last month or even last year! Every like every comment is support of my closet and I'm sharing to show my appreciation! I wish it showed every share too :) So ladies play along with me and let's show our appreciation! Comment below if you are playing so…

Are you new to Poshmark? Read this thread 😃👍 FIRSTLY, read Poshmark's FAQ!! Confused about the lingo? How do you pay? What does "bundle" mean? Why are some prices astronomical? Get your answers here!! I will do my best to reply to questions in a timely manner, but please forgive me in advance if I don't. 😊This FAQ is posted in @lilacrose closet and I thought I would post it here too. I know she's swamped with questions, so I will try to help out 😃 My level of expertise might not be up…

All REASONABLE Offers will be accepted

All REASONABLE Offers will be accepted. This does not mean half, or less than half the asking price. Please be considerate, I am just getting started, I don't buy wholesale, I can't sell for as cheap as others because I still pay a lot for my things. Do not make offers that you would refuse yourself, or would be insulted by if it were made to you. In other words: No Lowball Offers. Do not ask me what my lowest is, make an offer, and do it privately. Thank you and as always Happy Poshing…

Cross pendant with diamond

Cross pendant with diamond. Beautiful cross pendant with a small diamond in the center. This doesn't have any stamps but it does have the letters VL on the backside. I don't know what that means. I got this from Italy when visiting family. Its a beautiful little necklace that i purchased for my niece but she didnt want it. The necklace is a smaller size maybe for a child but the charm can be changed and placed on a longer chain for anyone to wear. Happy poshing!! Have any questions, feel…

Googles bildsökning efter

Accepting REASONABLE offers ❤️ I need to clear out closet space therefore I need to get rid of a lot of my stuff. 😒😔 A lot of what doesn't sell will be going to Goodwill. Thanks for looking! ❤️ Reasonable offers does not mean half of what I'm asking or less. Sorry ladies - we all know how much Posh takes. 💋💋💋 Other

Vintage Sterling Silver Turquoise Ring Sz

Vintage Sterling Silver Turquoise Ring Sz This beauty dates back to the Fred Harvey era meaning it's from the fifties. The front looks to be in pristine condition the band looks like it's a little hammered but in no way does it hamper it's where. I just want to be sure I am describing it exactly correct Vintage Jewelry Rings


GG lady web leather shoulder bag purse crossbody NWT

GG lady web leather shoulder bag purse crossbody Never carried. I ordered this and it is not the color I wanted and it has a slight musty smell. The brass is all stamped Gucci and is sort of a burnished, darker brass. I cannot verify that it is authentic. It does have a serial number behind the ID tag, booklet and dust bag, but that doesn't really mean much. I'm really disappointed that it isn't what I wanted so am selling it to save up 2get what I want because life is too £}*}€ing short to…

Women’s Fashion Glossary

What's the difference between A-line and sheath dresses? What is bias cut? What does charmeuse mean? We’ve got the top fashion terms and what they mean on Poshmark's Style Glossary!