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What Does Parody Mean

G"alut/Exile: What does it mean to be in exile? Exile is being trapped by bad habits. Exile is being a slave to old ways of thinking." And Exile is forgetting to remember the lessons of history.


Elf on the Shelf, Batman has chest hair! He came with a parody of I'm Too Sexy: I'm an Elf and you know what I mean My magic comes from the North Pole from the North Pole YEAH My magic comes from the North Pole I'm too sexy for my car too sexy for my car Too sexy by far And I'm too sexy for my car Too sexy for my hat what does Santa think about that. The kids laughed their butt off!

"Margaritaville" parodies the apocalyptic language that was prevalent during the run-up to the 2008 financial meltdown by treating it as an act of god. We can see what Marx meant here by 'false consciousness' as people scramble to find meaning in the chaos caused by the crash by making a religion out of frugality, which is meant as a parallel to the story we know about Jesus sacrificing himself for humanity (which Kyle does here by taking on everyone's bad credit).


I might sound like a single-issue voter, but I’m really not. Allow me to explain. I’ll almost always support the candidate with a bold and unapologetic history of protecting individual gun rights. You’ll notice I said “protecting.” That’s a critical distinction. No government grants or… More »

BLIMY! Here we have a real life fangirl doing what she does best, matching up men for sexual activity a


Lol me and my friend were talking about bart bakers parodys and this happend what does Beiner even mean lol

apparently, this is a website started by a feminist organization, pointing out the problematic language used in victoria's secret underwear that promotes rape culture. instead of acknowledging the important issues brought up by the organization, victoria's secret responded negatively to the website and campaign.

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