7 TV Channels That Forgot What They’re About

7 TV Channels That Forgot What They’re About

MTV - Remember when this station came on the air and played music videos all day and night? The Bugles "Video Killed the Radio Star" was the first video. It is so fun seeing these vintage videos now and how cheesy and low budget the early videos were.

actually had someone say this week that they were ask what does roll down the window mean?

Funny thing is my 2007 Caliber still had roll-down windows. My nieces thought it was the coolest thing. My new Caliber has button windows.

#Lexington, KY #Herakut #streetart What does the message mean? what audience is this targeted to?

Street Art - HERAKUT - Lexington, KY - "It was a beautiful moment when the little giant woke up to see where dreams come from.

The Jolly Green Giant. Ho ho ho green giant ... I can actually hear his deep, booming voice in my head!

The Jolly Green Giant: Ho Ho Ho Green Giant! Can you still hear his deep, booming voice?