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Read the quote. Reflect. What does the author mean? How do you know? What does this reveal about the person? What does this quote mean to you? Why? Have a short, small group discussion. Follow with a written response. More

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"two great tastes that taste great together" what does that even mean, pete.

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The Vitamin B12 Shot Every Month and Moseying Down the Path of Life

The Vitamin B12 Shot Every Month and Moseying Down the Path of Life | Alzheimer's Reading Room

Flaming June - Lord Leighton (1895). Some might call it kitsch but it's one of my favorite paintings.

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What Does Thanksgiving mean to you? Hear the word “Thanksgiving” and what comes to mind? Food and lots of it; Football and lots of it; Napping after the food and football; Family gatherings, and realizing perhaps why you don’t get together more often; For farming families it means the harvest; For moms and grandmas it’s baking[...]

Lindsay: Does the name Jimmy Sanguinetti mean anything 2 u? Voight: What about him? Lindsay: Apparently he's my dad. Bunny says he's out of prison, wants 2 reconnect. Voight: I ran into Sanguinetti a couple times. Back when he was crashing with ur mom. Lindsay: I thought that u met Bunny when u pulled me off the street. Voight: I knew Bunny before u were born. Lindsay: Why didn't u ever tell me that? Voight: Never came up. (4x09)

Names - Meaning of Neely - Champion. I have also seen Victorious. In 1990, according to my research, there were 24 babies named Neely and I was one of them!

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What is the difference between the ceremonial law, the moral law, and the judicial law in the Old Testament?

Vestibular Input: Sensory Processing Explained

What does vestibular mean? One educator turned mom does her best to explain what she has learned about Sensory Processing along the way.