Law of Karma… karma is about your own life's choices; your own actions & reactions, both good & bad, then understanding the lessons that need to be learned along the way. #karma

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I'm not sure why it still manages to surprise me when people expect an apology from me when they refuse to offer one for circumstances they themselves created, but it still does somehow.

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Shaman Angels, Energy Healers & Truth Warriors - The Lightworkers Journey To be of light. What does that mean to you? You bring the light to the darkness, especially unto your own stuff, unto your own doings. When your feathers are ruffled this is when you show your greatest truth or your greatest weakness. It does not matter what the other person does or says to you, you and only you control your reaction. "How people treat you is their karma. How you react is yours." Own your truth.

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Why does no one else get this? INTP. Sometimes I really don't notice though

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What does Karma mean in Scientology? How people suffer from own bad deeds

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