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What Does Humorous Mean

This is a strong drawing as it really speaks for itself and I also think how it really sends a message maybe about bullying,depression or grief. I also like how simple this is.

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What Does The Color of Your Car Say About You - #humor #Infographics

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Knitting Humor

What do you mean knitting doesn't count as exercise? Knitting Memes and Jokes at


Names - Meaning of Neely - Champion. I have also seen Victorious. In 1990, according to my research, there were 24 babies named Neely and I was one of them!

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The Scientific Basis of Yoga Therapy

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What Does It Mean To Be Spiritual

Wading through a veritable minefield of clichés - life coaches, spiritual gurus and shakti-loving goddesses - can be quite a challenge in our modern world. Through his work at Inner Awakenings, JP Sears doesn't hesitate to take the piss out of himself and those in this field of pseudo-spirituality (or spirituality for that matter). He also has a cool set of YouTube Videos to peruse if you feel so inclined. | What Does It Mean To Be Spiritual? | Global Freedom Movement


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