Play & Learn Everyday: Play Based Learning quote from Albert Einstein, Learning Through Play

Play Based Learning

"Play is the highest for of research." ~Albert Einstein ★★★ Play & Learn Everyday: Play-Based Learning quote from Albert Einstein ~ Learning Through Play

We all like to share pins but some people are taking  advantage and raiding boards - pinning courteously is always appreciated - thank you for understanding

If you do not know what pinning politely means : it means just pinning a few at a time from a board in one sitting Not power pinning your way through 10 and more from a board at a time You are always welcome to return.

This is what white feminism looks like

25 Ways to make a Woman fall in Love with You This is what white feminism looks like

Whoah now i am even more scared of the future. But it also kind of guves me hope... At least Voldemort was defeated...

To be fair if a Cedric is dead then is most likely Order of the Phoenix, which makes sense because that makes Trump Umbridge.

Que veut dire ceci? -What does this mean? . Find more useful Phrases (with Audio!) in my book: 'French Phrasebook'' - The most complete French Phrasebook available. Learn more here: Don't hesitate to share #useful #french #phrases

French Phrasebook

Taurus do not fall in love that fast... if at all. At least that's the case for me

It may only take three hours, but it takes three extra MONTHS to admit it