What does fiction mean

So does that mean that if I write some DW fanfic I will grow up to be the doctor's companion?

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If people ever look down upon you for crying for fictional characters you should give them a gentle pitying look & feel bad for them If they’ve never cried for a fictional character then they’ve never loved one (& what a joy that is) If they’ve never cried at a book, movie, piece of music, then they’ve missed one of the great pleasures life has to offer Just because fiction does not contain things that are real doesn’t mean it doesn’t contain truth & we find it through the alchemy of our…

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Article - "Not Allowing Boys to be Boys." "Though some girls are diagnosed with ADHD, it's overwhelmingly a 'disorder' of boys-boys being boys, in most cases." (Read later)

Whether you write fiction or non-fiction, you must find your writing voice. But what does that really mean? Here are 10 questions to find your voice.

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5 ways to make your characters more believable - Richelle Meade does a great job of each of these things in the Vampire Academy Series

#wattpad #teen-fiction "He's never shown he cares,what does that tell you?" I said wiping the tears from my eyes. He pulled me in for a tight embrace,"That he's a huge dick who's missing out on someone special." "Your my bestfriend it's your job to say that." "That doesn't mean it's not true." ~*~*~*~*~ CARTER...

"What Does 'Women's Fiction' Mean?"

What IS Rosacea? If you blush A LOT, does that mean you have rosacea? If you turn a shade of lobster at least twice a day and that lobster hangs around - is that rosacea? What about acne, you might of heard of 'acne-rosacea', if you suffer from acne could that mean you also have rosacea? & what about sensitive skin, sensitive skin loves that lobster red too, does that mean you have rosacea? Just what the heck is rosacea 'eh! These are the rosacea fact v fictions... http://wp.me/p6LuQS-Jc

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#wattpad #historical-fiction One day i asked my mother, "Why are demons after Angels?" "I don't know, sweetheart." She said, tucking in in the covers. "Some of them are tied of killing them." "What does that mean?" I asked. "Angels and Demons comes in many different shapes and sizes... Angels are good, and Demons are Evil."...

Young Adult fiction is wildly popular. I write it, and I know several dozen other writers that do too. It's becoming the front runner for the biggest share of sales across the whole book/ebook mark...

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