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What does cue mean

(2016-02) Promptinghierarki til AAC-kommunikation ... kan fint overføres til kommunikation uden 'hjælpemidler'


S.H.I.E.L.D. Recruit Survival Tip #73:Yes, this is highly likely to be one of the most interesting workplaces in the world. No, that does not mean suggesting the filming of a reality show here.


August is ending already?! Time sure does fly past. You know what this means? (Cue drum rolls) Back to uni! Now is the time to shop for your supplies if you haven't already done so.

I've had this mountain lion chasing me dream more than once. What does it mean? Following Hawks. Taking cues from nature and listening to my guides. Most of the time.

People talk of ‘change’, but what does it really mean? In the past, the knowledge and experience of ‘the old’ was the best instruction for ‘the young’. Today we live with a new set of realities – we are like immigrants into a new time, unable to take our cues from yesterday’s lessons.


"Any time food is manipulated for the purpose of weight loss, it is a diet." Judith Mantz...amazing article to help you really understand by what I mean when I say I am anti-diet. I know the code words for diets: lifestyle change, just eating healthy. What are others??