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What Does Clever Mean

I heard my suitcase being dropped on the snow. "Nothing of importance in there, boys," the leader announced. His men looked around at each other in confusion as to what to do next. "I'll make it easier for you guys," I rasped, "You. Got. The. Wrong. Man." Before I could explain further, I started hacking up blood. The leader finished for me, "That means we killed an innocent-" "Making us not innocent!" interrupted one of his not-so-bright men. "Does that matter?! We still need the…


This is oerfect I want a crow. And there are a lot by my house (x they dont really fly away when I come around maybe they recognize me now

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Visual and Found Poetry

"visual and found poetry/ now this is something I am going to try! I love it!" I had honestly never even heard of this before, let alone thought of it. What a fantastic innovation! What a great idea to get students writing poetry and (possibly) running the risk of them enjoying it!! Does anyone else see this as innovation?


Dean's soul had the Samulet. I wonder if it still does? And does that mean because it's the God finder that God was in hell with Dean's soul?