Being short or petite does not mean that you lose hopes! We are sharing with you some life changing fashion tips for short girls that will surely amuse you.

Why Color Matters When it Comes to a Bag

Casual Outfit of jeans, white top w/ brown belt, brown cardigan & accessories. Like the long white shirt and belt over jeans. Pair with boot or heels!

No, and the FBI is en route to your location you sick fuck

No, and the FBI is en route to your location you sick fuck

Does that mean I was killed from a cut on my finger? That's just really sad>>You know what's even more sad? I was killed by a shot to the arse.

So, hypothetically, more birthmarks mean you've lived more lives? Are darker birthmarks from a more recent past life, while lighter ones are from earlier lives?

Helllll yes this is so goddamn accurate smh

what does your tattoo mean? it means that i wanted it so i fucking got it. I get this question a lot. I only have 60 tattoos.

So What Does One Leg Mean - It turns out that this is a myth.  It originated with the markings on Indian ponies.  A circle around the eye meant better eyesight, around the nostril, better sense of smell, a red handprint on the flank: the owner died in battle and sent the horse home with a slap to its rump, leaving the "bloody" handprint.

So What Does One Leg Mean?

27 Problems Only Introverts Will Understand

27 Problems Only Introverts Will Understand

21 Photos Proving That Eldest Siblings Have The Toughest Job In The World

Every Southern Boy should know these words

Southern Terms of Endearment. I call my daughter baby cakes and my husband calls her sweet pea :-)

“… the first thing his education demands is the provision of an environment in which he can develop the powers given him by nature.  This does not mean just to amuse him and let him do what he likes.  But it does mean that we have to adjust our minds to doing a work of …

DIY Montessori Inspired Activities for Toddlers.