In a bit more esoteric meaning, 1212 may also signal the completion of an energetic download, or that you’ve actually gone through a sort of portal or gateway, shifting time lines, so that you’re now closer to your desired outcome than ever! Trust, stay positive, and start taking steps. Whatever the specific meaning is for you (which you can determine by paying attention in the moment and noticing whatever else is happening around you) the angel number 1212 is a great reminder from the…

Angel Number 1212

Ever see triple angel numbers like or Check out this cool guide visual guide I made to help you to know what it means.

Learn the meaning of the angel number 444 along with how you can learn to decipher the meanings of angel numbers for yourself.

Angel Number 444 - What's the Meaning?

Learn the meaning of seeing This angel number carries a message of love, oneness, and connection with the Divine. Learn more about the meaning here!

WHAT DOES THE NUMBER 8 MEAN?  #GuardianAngelReading #PadreMedium

Are you frequently seeing the number 1234 everywhere? Find out 1234 angel number meaning!

The most well-known of Taoist visual symbols is the Yin-Yang symbol, also known as the Taiji symbol. The image consists of a circle divided into two teardrop-shaped halves - one white and the other black. Within each half is contained a smaller circle of the opposite color.

What Does the Yin-Yang Symbol Really Mean?

The Taoist Yin-Yang symbol represents the mutual interdependence of opposites: how the seed of one always exists within the other.

What does Lorde's "Biting Down" mean? ||

Lordes new album, Pure Heroine, is perfect. She explains life so well in her songs.

What Does Your Birth Date Mean? - Born on the 23rd

Zodiac Sagittarius Facts — As much as Sagittarius loves their own space and freedom, they can be highly territorial of their friends and family. If you know you are no good, best to stay away from a Sagittarius' family and friends.

What does it mean to be 'cool'? Whether they were born with it or not -- Madonna, Frank Sinatra and Jimi Hendrix earned their place in the top 100 coolest Americans at a new National Portrait Gallery exhibit in Washington.

National Portrait Gallery picks 100 coolest Americans at new exhibit

Photo of Debbie Harry by Robert Mapplethorpe. Courtesy of National Portrait Gallery

What does it mean when I see 1111 1212 and others? - YouTube

Have you been noticing you keep seeing 333 or another sequence of numbers on repetition? Do you see them so much that you recognize that it can't.

What does it mean when I see 1111 1212 and others? - YouTube

Christy Johnston shares a little of her own story of discovering her true identity and worth in Jesus and the joy that it brings in knowing your worth IN Him.

INTERESTING!!! Hear what Funmi Iyanda is saying about MARRIAGE    Funmi Iyanda talk show host and broadcaster says the marriage institution is not for her.  The host of the defunct New Dawn on Wednesday took to Twitter to state that shes not the marrying type.  Sharing her experience with a psychic she tweeted: I had my palm and tarot card reading done yesterday 1st time. Psychic says l am not the marrying type. I want my money back.  Her tweet elicited comments of support from well-wishers…

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infinity tattoo what does it mean 06 -

infinity tattoo what does it mean 06 -

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Awakening Secrets Behind Numerology - The main master numbers we encounter on our journey. Each Number is a subconscious trigger helping us unlock our long term memory.


theawakenedstate: Heres an Aura Chart, explaing the releasing of lower vibrations from the DNA through sucessive generations.

Celtic Animal Zodiac

Celtic Animal Zodiac- Falcon/Hawk for Kieran, Deer for Kenzie, Fox for Kolbie & Kyler, and Seahorse for myself. I had been pretty settled on wanting Native American totem animals, but Irish/Celtic makes more sense ;