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What Do Skunks Eat

Maned Wolf and her pup.....Native to South America, Maned Wolves are unique among canids. They are distinguished by long legs, a bushy mane which is erected when the Wolf is threatened, and a skunk-like odor. Maned Wolves live solitary lives roaming the grasslands of central South America. They eat small mammals as well as tubers, fruits, and sugarcane.

from Plenty Woman

It’s Never about the Centerpiece: The Anxiety of Entertaining

Andy and I planned on going to his parents’ house for Thanksgiving dinner. Those plans changed in the sweetest of stomach-turning ways – skunks moved in under their house and sprayed the place. It seeped into pretty much everything and lingered for days. Rather than go there for dinner, his parents said they’d just pick food up and bring dinner to us. All we had to do was provide the place to eat it. About that.

from The Telegraph


Two albino skunks who were born without their usual distinctive black and white striped coats, from a litter of four at Knoxwood Wildlife Rescue Centre in Wigton, Cumbria