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A Monarch Caterpillar will ONLY Eat Milkweed Plants.

A Finger Painted picture of The Very Hungry Caterpillar.. great to do after the child reads the book by themselves for the first time . Just add name of the child , date and their age and it would make a great memory keeper even write or draw ideas on the back of what you would eat!


What do butterflies eat in captivity. Sustaining BUTTERFLIES: Sustaining a butterfly that you have raised or found can be entirely simple. As a rule a butterfly found on

butterfly eating orange

Raise LIVE Painted Lady Butterflies or Monarch Butterflies!


Why Are the Leaves on My Gardenia Turning Yellow?

Please protect pollinators - they're really rather important! #homesfornature

Power to the Pollinators!

Please protect pollinators - they're really rather important! #homesfornature


Butterfly Study with Life Cycle

This is a mini science unit focused on butterflies. The unit includes a Butterfly KWL Chart, a Label the Butterfly and Caterpillar page, What Do Butterflies Eat? page, Draw a Buttefly Habitat sheet, My Butterfly Info page, Compare and Contrast: Butterfly vs. Ladybug, Butterfly Thinking Map, and a Butterfly Reader. These activities are designed for younger elementary students.


Northern Royal Flycatcher


Caterpillars and Butterflies

Caterpillars and Butterflies:Stretch your budget with economical, library-quality non-fiction books that will delight young readers! “How do caterpillars turn into butterflies?” “What do butterflies eat?” “What is a moth?” In this book your children will find the answers! Everything children want to know about insects is simply stated and beautifully illustrated. Vivid photos of insects within their environments are paired with accurate related facts; text prepared for young readers by a…