The queen of colours!! Here's your guide, so now you know what is what! Don't make any more colour mistakes! #Brightturqouise #favouritecolour

Basically anything from ice cream green - Tiffany blue and anything in between but Aqua/turquoise is a safe bet for a color. Any shade bright or light.there will be something similar and blend able for either gender.

These unicorn cookies taste just as magical as they look.   Click the video to how YOU can make them! What you'll need: 9 white fondant cutouts, Edible gold dust, Clear vanilla extract, 12 cookies, Piping gel, Black edible marker, 4 gel food colors (Pink, Blue, Purple, Mint (Light Teal)), Brush, White royal icing

Cute and trendy unicorn cookies are the perfect treat for any upcoming colorful events!

Marco Floral de oro de prop de la cabina de foto con flores 3D

Your event deserves unforgettable photographs, and this fine art photo frame is the way to make that happen. I handcraft this frame with meticulous attention to detail, and I match your vision for the (Diy Decoracion Paper Flowers)


teal owl beautiful amazing The correct name of this owl is Hoax tealus photoshopensus, at the moment seems rare, unlike the Red, Violet and Rainbow Owls.

otra idea genial!!

81 Stylish Spring & Summer Outfit Ideas 2017

colorful hair | Colorful hair!

that is some friggin sweet hair. i wish i had the balls to color it to that extreme. and i love the color teal. more so toward a darker teal like this.

Se me hizo de noche....

Se me hizo de noche....

✯ Moonrise when the moon wakes up and the sun goes to sleep till the morning when it rises again. But look at that glow on the water just beautiful


*Disclaimer* I do not own these photos, I have only changed the colors, if any of these photos.

Nowadays, we are having more hair colors and highlighting techniques to choose from. They allow us to create a distinctive look of our own style. When you have decided to spice up your dark hair, you should make sure that the new hair color will work well with your skin tone. The light blond highlights[Read the Rest]

16 Wonderfully-Chic Dark Colored Hairstyles

Free tutorial by diagram  What You’ll Need:  54 teal bicone beads 6mm   11/0 silver lined crystal delica seed beads  •25 clear crystal bicone beads 4mm

Crystal Teal Bracelet- Free tutorial uses 54 teal bicone beads silver lined crystal delica seed beads;