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What are the main advantages of neutral colors? First of all, they are relaxing, they will help to enjoy your rest after a long day. The second reason is more practical, as calm shades make the space look bigger and more airy. That’s why I think that neutrals are the best palette for a bedroom,...

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Is your door making an entry way feel closed in? Get it removed and even if you want we can install it some place else. Lake City Home Improvements

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What do you know about this woman, based on this picture? What judgements can you make about her? What possible interpretations of are there?

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Beautiful smouldering salmon are highlighted by coco+kelley as the ideal outdoor living space colour. This gentle colour makes a real impact on patio and courtyard areas and teams beautifully with dark blue.

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Large clocks can make a real stand alone feature in a room. With the dark walls this feel is very art deco and cocktails! Perfect dining room vibe.

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What about a country #kitchen? This is a shaker kitchen- the most popular style of kitchen

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