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How to Cure Tinnitus Related Cricket Sounds in the Ears

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10 Signs You Have an Autoimmune Disease (and How to Reverse It)

Autoimmune conditions affect over 50 million Americans, a large percentage of whom are women. But what are they, what causes them, and how can they be treated?

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Exclusive 'Zoo' poster claims that 'the wild shall inherit the earth'

Based on James Patterson's bestselling novel, CBS's new summer series Zoo is all about the eye of the ... lion? At least, that's the takeaway from the show's key art, which EW is premiering exclusively. Only thing that bugs me is their pros on animals and negatives on guns.


Prickly heat making hot summer days and beach holidays unbearable? Green People, the sensitive skin experts, look at what prickly heat is, what causes it and top tips to relieve the symptoms of prickly heat. Discover sun lotions for skin prone to prickly heat at

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What's Causing My Rash?

What's causing my rash. Picture Contact Dermatitis

Stress affects us in many ways. It can cause emotional issues like anxiety & depression but did you know it can also cause physical symptoms? Stress can cause rashes like hives and stomach irritation like gastritis. But what you may not know is that stress can cause just about any physical symptom including pain and stress symptoms can mimic almost any true physical illness. When should you suspect stress is causing your symptoms? When: 1). You've had the symptoms for at least 6 weeks. 2)…