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I recently found this picture on the internet so I had to share this with you . Nelson Mandela's 46664 event, South Africa, to raise awareness of HIV/AIDS. Annie Lennox is a warrior for this cause, especially for preventing transfer from mothers to children, Look at my smile!!! What an honour!

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I, John Oduor, come from a vulnerable background and live with a disability. I saw my mother die from a disease I did not know and understand when I was 14. I later learned that she had cancer of the esophagus. This caused me lots of psychological problems and pain. My mother’s death and my disability were the driving motivation and power for my enthusiasm for health education. I felt compelled to understand the root cause of my disability and learn if disability was preventable. The other…

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Daily HIV pill for men 'would prevent 10,000 new cases in UK by 2020'

Scientists On Brink Of HIV Cure Daily HIV pill for men 'would prevent 10,000 new cases in UK by 2020' New research has added weight to calls for NHS to offer preventative Truvada drug. Truvada, the two-drug pill taken as part of PrEP, is already used with success abroad, including the US and France, despite some concerns it could lead to more unprotected sex. I The Telegraph read more...

Three STDs taken off inadmissible list for U.S. immigration

GUESS WHAT SEXUAL DISEASE 0BAMA SAID WAS O.K. TO COME TO AMERICA WITH---'cause he just took off 3 MORE from the immigration ban list! ------------------------------------------ APPARENTLY the first thing he did when getting in office--O.K.d immigration letting people in with HIV....Free treatment people....US citizens do not even get that!

Cells in your body naturally react to everything your mind says. Negativity & trauma brings your immune system down. It is precisely why when someone calls that hurt you or caused stress & trauma in the past, you can feel immediately nauseous & your blood pressure will rise dramatically. We are organic systems that work as a whole, & each part affects every other part. Hence 'Holistic' medicine, treating the body as a whole, not just treating a symptom without thoroughly understanding the…

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Inoculating Against Climate Science Denial | Science denial has real, societal consequences. Denial of the link between HIV and AIDS led to more than 330,000 premature deaths in South Africa. Denial of the link between smoking and cancer has caused millions of premature deaths. Thanks to vaccination denial, preventable diseases are making a comeback. Denial is not something we can ignore or, well, deny. So what does scientific research say is the most effective response?

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The causes of Vitamin B12 Malabsorption might surprise you. If you've been told that you don't have intrinsic factor or that you have pernicious anemia, your doctor might be WRONG. Find out what might

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