Recycling chart - what types of food wrappers and containers can you recycle? This chart can be used to introduce and expose students to what materials they are able to recycle.

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Plastic codes are the numbers on the bottom of plastic products, and the numbers mean different things. Here's a simple infographic to help you decipher...

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Did you know that kitty litter and egg cartons can be recycled into paper? Or how about old trophies, motor oil and cell phones can be recycled with your newspapers, plastic bottles and soda cans? Whether you’re new to recycling or know the difference between No. 1 and No. 6 plastics, this useful guide is a helpful reminder of what can be recycled to help you go green.

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recycling capabilities vary by jurisdiction, but i made this one for DC. hopefully it will help you make sense of what can be recycled and what cannot--and one of the best things to do is to reduce your consumption in the first place. aim for zero waste!

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Beautiful! This could actually be a lot of fun.. and a unique inexpensive way to decorate..Now I know what to do with all those caps n covers I've been saving.

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Have questions about what, where, or how to recycle in Minnesota? To find answers, you can check out:

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Here are a couple of cool ways to display what may be a burgeoning collection of Lego figures that’s set to expand after Father Christmas’s visit. The framed Lego figure display is by M…

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