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Little Bundles – meeting the needs of those in difficult circumstances, including people who are homeless, fleeing domestic violence, or in financial hardship when they are expecting or caring for a baby.

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Truth hurts... #eating #healthy Thanks to - More

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You Always Have Time For the Things you Put First .... This is what Resolutions are about for me PRIORITIZE

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There is absolutely no part of you or anything you've done that is not human and therefore understandable and loveable and breathtaking and beautiful. Even what I don't know yet or what you might do in the future. More than that you are .... there aren't words.

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“Be not afraid of going slowly, be afraid only of standing still.” -- Chinese Proverb – on Dragoon Mountain image, Arizona, taken by Florence McGinn -- Nature creates a connected world, and to FIGHT TO SAVE THE WORLD’S LARGEST PRIMATE, the world’s leading conservation organizations are not standing still. They have united to save the endangered, eastern lowland gorilla --

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What Does the Bible Say About Narcissistic Behavior?

African Proverb, that remind me of certain relatives. Luck they are not family.

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It grew into something it could never have expected, something so blessed and inspired by the twinkles above the air waves and the acts of the others around it. It became the who nobody had told it about, the one it has dreamt of.. but never quite truly believed...

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