Desperately tearing at the face we dont want to exist in or been seen with, to not be visible, to destroy any trace of it or life. That noise, roaring out with the horrible realisation at what we are and have always been and will spend the rest of our lives healing. We cant name that, or give it justice with words... But this art is it.

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.When you are frustrated with me because of the things I can not do...Just imagine how frustrated I must be because I'am not able.

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Chronic illness. And the moment following when you realise you are using too many spoons doing a happy dance lol

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What happens when you suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome? Is it just extreme tiredness, or are there other problems associated with the disorder? Here are some of the ways that CFS affects your body.

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this image to me describes schizophrenia because their are hands scraping and trying to get out and voices also, which is what schizophrenia is.

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