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What are dumplings

Crochet Adorable Dumpling Kitty with Free Pattern (Video)

Kittens are pretty much one of the cutest animal creatures on the planet. They are beautiful, friendly and lovely. For those who are into cats I have a great tutorial to share. Crochet Adorable Dumpling Kitty with Free Pattern is just adorable. Her body is crocheted with a flat base so she sits nicely wherever


Empanadas are a popular snack in Argentina. They are miniature pies with chicken, vegetables, seafood, or beef inside.


Kyrgyzstan (from the top): Lagman ~ Lepeshki (Tandir Bread) ~ Manti (Meat Dumplings): all of them are super!!❣

Gnocchi with Sage, Butter, and Parmesan

Choose potatoes that are roughly the same size and be careful not to overcook them. A water-logged potato leads to a gummy dough, which is not what pillow-light gnocchi are made of.


Lentil pierogi. My omni family loved these! Pro tip: you can make the filling ahead of time (we also gave it a zip in the food processor). And the pierogies freeze up great!


Soup dumplings with chili oil are a winter necessity. What are your favorite cold weather comfort foods? #howiholiday via @wendykou #foodandwine #flatlay #flatlays #flatlayapp


Chicken & Dumpling Soup

There is just something very comforting about chicken & dumplings. I love both the stew version and the soup version. Both are equally delicious and cozy.

Crock Pot Chicken and Dumplings

Easy Crock Pot Chicken and Dumplings. Juicy chicken breasts cook to tender perfection in the slow cooker in a rich creamy sauce. Shortcut dumplings are added in for a delicious comforting meal with very little effort. This is one family recipe everyone will agree on.