ASD News An 11-year-old boy with autism drew this world map from memory -

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7 TIPS FOR TRAVELING IN LATIN AMERICA – CENTRAL AND SOUTH AMERICA. Latin America is an incredible place, like a collection of different worlds all stitched together into a tapestry of cultures, traditions, history and natural and man-made catastrophes, all of which have shaped the continent into what it is today. There is something very different about traveling in #LatinAmerica #TwoMonkeysTravelGroup

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Jonathan Simkhai Spring 2015 RTW. Geometric petal pink What I found interesting about this image was the skirt's composition, made out of shapes which reminded me of the print I made with paper shapes rolled on fabrics. So I was thinking that I could concentrate on singles shapes inspired by my prints and combine them in my next experiment, to make an abstract garment bits

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Today Top 45 Funny pics (11:55:50 PM, Monday 28, November 2016 PST) – 45 pics

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Getting to know yourself (self awareness). Building the you, you want to be. Building your own personal brand. Taking the concept from the work place, what is your vision, your mission & your core values? Who are you? Exceptionally helpful if you are applying for a job, or making key life changes.

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heart 5 ✈ AIR FRANCE FLIGHT 447 ✈ What led Flight 447's crew to fly into a thunderstorm? ✈

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High blood pressure levels. Are you in the RED? How about when your pain spikes? New studies have showed that blood pressure spikes and/or high blood pressure is becoming a common test to determine pain as it is one of the body's reactions to pain symptoms. Chronic Pain Patients should keep an eye on their BP.

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