What's a predicate

In general, a predicate completes a sentence by providing information about what the subject is or does. The subject of a sentence is who or what is doing the action. The predicate explains the action. There's often a linking verb (like is or became) in between the two. A predicate nominative is a noun that completes the linking verb in a sentence. Predicate adjectives complete the linking verb by describing the subject of a sentence. Sound complicated? Let’s break it down. Linking Verbs ...

What is a Predicate? | Simple, Complete, Adjective, Nominative


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What Are Predicate Nominatives in English Grammar?: In each of these three sentences, the word in italics is a predicate nominative

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4th students must be able to write clear, concise compositions, and in order to do so effectively, they must be able to fill those compositions with complete sentences. They must understand what a complete subject and predicate of a sentence is, and be able to take that knowledge and create a variety of simple and compound sentences using correct subject-verb agreement. Here are some apps, online games, and other resources you can use to practice and review writing complete sentences…

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