From Winter to Summer: How To Look Boho Chic The Whole Year

From Winter to Summer: How To Look Boho Chic The Whole Year

To me bohemian style associates with summer, festivals, sea and a beach but what if I tell you that you can stay a gypsy girl even in winter? Boho soul lives in you all the time so don't let your everyday routine destroy it! Hippie will never goes out of

Great colour, great decoration. You could add Folked up hearts instead of wreath hearts to make it your own personal Folk it space. Perfect :)

It Was Just A Shabby Little Shed Out Back, Until Wife Transforms It Into Her Private Escape

Vintage caravan as cubby house artist retreat reading nook potting shed

reminds me of college.

beauty cute light home decor hippie style hipster room bedroom design fire books Interior relax cosy cozy interiors Window candles decor decoration living Pillow. I love the front table with all of the crystal/candle decor

this is over-the-top but I can't resist pinning:  Victorian-style Lady Art Spats by MAIDESTREASURIES

Spats and gaiters for shmancy shoe coverage

Again the pure romantik Victorian Art Spats. Made them wth original materials from You can buy this one in my shop Victorian Lady Art Spats

what a perfect bohemian bathroom-love the pink wall

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