This worked really well for me, it's my new obsession for heatless waves/curls. Just make sure you hair is barely damp for best results.

10 DIY No Heat Curls [TUTORIALS

No heat curls. I have tried a few of the no heat curls. This is the only one that works for my hair.

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Heatless Halo Curls - how to DIY

7 Wet Hairstyles You Can Sleep In To Make The Morning A Breeze

These Wet Hairstyles Will Change Your Morning

Messy Braid...This also works well with wet hair if you leave it in overnight you'll have pretty waves!

15 Cute and Easy Hairstyle Tutorials For Medium-Length Hair

Our messy 4 braid updo is the perfect updo for those who just can't get the hang of braids. Chic and beautiful, this 4 braid style is your new best look!

overnight curls with wet and dry hair

Overnight Curls, Hacks for Curly Hairstyles, No Heat

Curly hair

10 Hacks and Tips On How To Curl Your Hair Without A Wand Or Iron

Naturally Curly Hair Tutorial: when I did this with my naturally curly hair I looked like Sideshow Bob. I think it might work with hair that's NOT naturally curly.

Hair mask once a week My personal favorite 1tsp of honey 2tsp of olive or almond oil 1-2tsp of coconut oil 1tsp of favorite conditioner Once mixed I use a paint brush on my roots. Then I coat my hairs tips. I use a wet brush to distribute through my hair. I let the mask rest in a bun while I bathe. I rinse the mask out in cold water and I wash as usual.

Shiny, glossy hair isn't just for shampoo commercials. Wondering how to get shiny hair in real life? We've rounded up the best shine serums and the best shine sprays that will transform your locks into glossy, healthy, shiny hair.

The Right Way to Sleep on Wet Hair (So It Actually Looks Good in the Morning!)

The Right Way to Sleep on Wet Hair (So It Actually Looks Good in the Morning!)

Sleeping with wet hair can sometimes feel like a twisted game of beauty Russian roulette. While there are those fluke morning.

100% organic coconut oil (melted) A wet, warm towel Apple cider vinegar (optional) melted coconut oil, apply about 1 TB onto dry, unwashed hair. Wet a towel w hot water. leave on overnight or 20 minutes. Remove towel. shampoo and condition  as normal. optional, I rinse my hair with apple cider vinegar as it gets rid of all the residue and leaves my hair very shiny and manageable.

DIY Miracle Hair Repair

overnight wavy hair @ Hair Color and Makeover Inspiration

15 Easy No-Heat Hairstyles For Dirty Hair

Wavy hair

Wavy hair - inch curling iron, wrap around barrel (w/o clip) and hold 20 seconds

I've been doing this, and it does work great! Just a warning not to use those non-slip bands, at least not the rubbery side, on your skin.

No heat curls - it works and it's SOOO easy. Do with damp hair after a shower! Talia- I've done this before and it works GREAT! just make sure you always do it with damp hair!


OVERNIGHT HEATLESS LOOSE CURLS: Twist your hair around your head starting on the side with the lower part. As you go along your head slowly add more and more hair to the two strands you are twisting.