Westley Allan Dodd under arrest. Serial killer of children. It was nothing but a relief when they hanged this guy.

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How Westley Allan Dodd Became "One of the Most Evil" Child Serial Killers in History

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Westley Allan Dodd Diary - Bing Images

Westley Allan Dodd In 1989, Westley Allen Dodd sexually assaulted and killed three boys ages 11, 10 and four. His methods were so heinous, forensic psychologists dubbed him one of the most evil killers in history. Westley Allan Dodd was executed at 12:05 a.m. on June 5, 1993.

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Westley Allan Dodd: A Predator On The Playground

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Killer and molester of young boys Westley Allan Dodd began sexually assaulting children when he himself was a teen. Over time, his appetite became more cruel and Dodd began killing. He was captured while trying to abduct a 6-year-old boy from a movie theater. In 1993, Dodd was put to death by hanging in Walla Walla, WA.

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Outside the prison on the night of serial killer Westley Allan Dodd’s execution, January 5, 1993.

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