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Beautiful Bull Head Skull Tattoo | Removable Skull of a Bull Temporary Tattoo | Good Looking Skull Tattoo with Turquoise Feather - MyTaT

Western Tattoo, Bohemian Black Bull Skull Tattoo, Skull with Turquoise Feathers Temporary Tattoo

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western tattoo | western tattoos | Copper Beehive - Tattooing by Bailey Hunter Robinson -

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Abstract Western Tattoo by Xoil Tattoo -


Ellen Greene is a very talented American artist from Chicago. Her recent work has focused on vintage women’s gloves painted with reworked traditional western tattoo motifs and the visual tension between these two symbols. She said: “The gloves are symbols of a historical set of “ladylike” behavior that included modesty, purity and submissive attitudes.The tattoos in contrast speak a language of masculine behaviors.Traditional western tattoo narrative developed through sailor, and later, ...


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