33 Beautiful Photos of Los Angeles From 1898 - 1960s

Shoppers at Eastland Shopping Center, West Covina, California - March I remember them removing the cows, tearing down the farmhouse and the orange trees to make the mall.

What’s my Home Worth?

You’ve found the right real estate agent in San Gabriel California, El Monte, Rosemead, Baldwin Park.

Postcard view of Citrus Avenue north from Badillo Street in Covina, California, in Fall, I can peg the date because both films on.

Eastland plaza West Covina had Cliftons Cafeteria and May Co. I walked here from Azusa Avenue and Gladstone when I was in high school to go shopping. I forgot I had to walk back, and there were no busses.

The Airplane Park! (Palmview Park, West Covina, Ca (by Jacob 16 June There was also the Fire Engine Park (Covina Park) but the best thing about that park was the Lion Head Drinking Fountains.

THE DOORS at The Carousel Theatre West Covina, CA 01/19 & 20 1968 Handbill

West Covina - the Musical! (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend) Ok here’s the story: I really love the show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. It’s super smart (a mobius strip joke in a girl power song?), it has a realistic outlook on people that could easily be.