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I don't watch super natural but I am subscribed to misha Collins, cooking fast and fresh with west is priceless!

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Misha and West Collins - Cooking Fast & Fresh with West! Thanksgiving Feast: Episode 3 - Cuteness! You tell 'em West!

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Honestly, I wouldn't have the patience to do this. Kudos to Misha for being a better human being than I'll ever be.

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Hahaha So Many wrong with this fandom. Or right. Depends on who you're asking. Shipping your neighbor and his friend

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TheRetroInc on Etsy

I love how Misha just goes with it. He doesn't tell West that his idea is stupid, he suggests other things kindly but West wants pasta and jam so that's what Misha helps him make. I just love those two.

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I love how the first 'Cooking Fast and Fresh with West' the meal looks delicious, the second one looks weird but still pretty edible, and the,last one.... The last one looks like that.

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Misha and West #VegasCon2014 Little West is like ha I got you Daddy and Misha's like yes you did I'm so proud of you. This is too cute!

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