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When his father tripped backwards, his eyes pleaded with his son, but there was no humanity left in him. Cain already marked him. He was the beast of the night, demon of the moon, the maneater of Lamoncha. With a ferocious swipe, his claw split his belly open. "I forgive you." They were his last words. "Larry Perry"

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ArtStation - Werewolves vs Dinosaurs comic panel and covers-- WIP, Chris Scalf

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How you can tell the difference between which fantasy creature is which.....unless a woman does her makeup that way....

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Dean's hellhound that he got from Crowley. It's a bit larger then the average, but its not as large as Crowley's. His name is Kano, and he's like a normal dog and will not attack those Dean doesn't want him to. He follows orders well, and loves to hunt, except he only follows orders to fight.

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