Grey Crescent• Werewolf Renamer.

Wat is je wolven naam?

My werewolf name is magic rain. What is your Werewolf Name?>>>> you've gotta be fuckin kiddin me I got moon moon

Villain name generator = fail. My name was "Captain Lord"...

He's Probably Not the Villain This Game Needs Right Now...

I was born Doctor The Dark (using middle name as well) Werewolf, became Doctor The Dark Wizard, and am now Doctor The Dark Monster. I am The Dark Doctor!

What's your werewolf name Mines- Silver heart or  w/ maiden name-Silver Forest :)

What's your werewolf name Mines- Silver heart or w/ maiden name-Silver Forest :) white creature

The Werewolf Name Generator: Your Werewolf Name

Werewolf names. Find your werewolf name and personality with the werewolf name generator! Your werewolf name can be personalised to you, or randomly generated.

please forgive the language kills me every time.  XD

Every time there is one of these what would your ________ name be, mine is stupid, but behold my werewolf name- White Vixen!

apparently I am switching lives with Barack Obama... hmmm

Well... shit.

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The Dark King of the Shadows - yeah, that's all well and good, seems like a bit much of a title... Maybe I can work up to it.

The savage unicorn of the east so accurate because I ham a unicorn:

Werewolf name generator

Vampire name generator for male and female characters. of names available, you're bound to find one you like.