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Emlyn: It may look a bit made up, but Emlyn is actually a traditional Welsh name used for boys. Here in the US, it has loads of potential to sit alongside feminine choices like Kaitlyn, Evelyn, and Emmalyn. But Emlyn will catch most by surprise, as it's rather rare in this country. Celtic Baby Names


Baby Boy or Girl Name: Caden or Cayden. Meaning: Spirit of Battle. Origin: Irish; Welsh.


Baby Girl Name: Linet. Meaning: Songbird. Origin: Welsh; Old French. A character in Arthurian legend.


Most Famous Baby Names in USA Every parent think his baby name is well liked and looking for cute baby names. This post explains the meaning and history of the 50 most famous baby names in the United States this year. 25 Most Famous Names for BOYS 1 (most popular). Jacob is a biblical name which has its origins in the Hebrew language. Jacob means 'supplanter' or 'one who grasps the heel;' this is because the biblical Jacob was born holding his twin brother's heel. 2. Michael is a…


Baby boy's name Owen. I love Welsh names.

Unisex Baby Names From A-Z...MORGAN Traditionally a male Welsh name, Morgan is now used more for girls than boys in the U.S. Meaning "dweller by the sea," Morgan has an undeniably powerful presence, certainly reinforced by famous sorceress Morgan le Fay and actor Morgan Freeman.