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Agree 100%

How you feel, being able to express yourself, being emotional, it's not what makes you a girl - it's what makes you human. Emma Watson on the societal pressure that means men shouldn't cry.


We can't wait to ask Brits what beauty means to them. Well said, Vivienne Westwood! #VenusBeauty #London #quotes


UL WILL FOREVER BE THE BEST ICE MADGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ELSA DIDNT GIVE UP HER OWN LIFE TO SAVE THE POEPLE SHE CARED ABOUT, DID SHE!!!!!!!!!!!!!<----- Ur is the most amazing ice madge and no one will ever convince me otherwise


~The Helm of Awe~ Probably the most well known of the Icelandic staves, the Helm of Awe, named "ægishjálmr" is said to make one irresistible to your foes; meaning that they are powerless against you. This symbol also gives the wearer countenance of terror, i.e. makes the wearer courageous, and helps you overcome people with over-bearing natures. It's a popular symbol to be used on a talisman or even a tattoo.


I look forward to the day when this is said to me and they truly, actually mean it, with their heart and soul. I will feel it and know it to be true, I will know this is not just something they trot out, for whatever reason. I will know, and they will know that we are meant to and want to be together.


the marauders and mcgonagall---I think he would try to say it was him, I mean you know how honest he is but McGonagall just wouldn't believe him because no Remus Lupin no no way he said that he's so polite and all.


The third graders always told me that I was weird, but they never said it like an insult. The way they said it made me believe that they admired my abnormality.

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19 Stunning Rustic Christmas Decorating Ideas

Brown and earthy are not your usual Christmas theme, but this year, try something new with the rustic mood that wood and nature provide. It will make your house more down-to-earth and much focus on the gift giving rather than the elaborated decoration will be given. It has been said that simplicity is beauty. Simple can be quite elegant as well. What’s more simple than pieces of wood, elegantly tied together to create your own rustic tree. Colorful doesn’t always mean pretty, sometimes…