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Reclaimed Yorkstone Paving has arguably more character than anything else on the market. Each and every piece has a unique patina from years of use. Places that the stone is reclaimed from commonly include schools, churches, mills and factories.


Wattle and daub is one of the oldest building techniques dating back to the Bronze Age and beyond. Wattling is a way to build walls by weaving long flexible sticks in and out of upright posts. Hazel, which is pliable and grows naturally long, is a good species to use for wattle. It is also the preferred wood used by straw bale builders to pin bales together.


Details about Classic Vintage Industrial Modern Rustic A Frame Shelving Console Table


Iron with elm Recycled Materials/ Objets trouvees #sculpture by #sculptor Adrian Payne titled: 'The Last Tree. (Iron Metal Small Bonsai Sculptures /statues)' £1334 #art

Pictures of the day: 16 February 2012

A Lambretta scooter with a custom-built VW campervan sidecar in Northwood, Middlesex. The sidecar was created by scooter fan Jay Dyer for his 11-year-old son Kaine to sit in while they drive around the country. Jay spent seven months welding and painting the one-of-a-kind modification in his garden from a 'skin' he bought in Belgium.


Suspended instruments from The Junk Orchestra. From left to right: a wooden xylophone; a wood log xylophone; a tubular glockenspiel; & a gas-bottle Hank drum. There a great variety of tones and timbres here, and the set-up encourages shared music making between children. Pinned by Alec from