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Portable welding positioner for a tight budget - Welding positioners are great tools and anyone on a tight budget in need of speeding up the the weld time of circular objects will benefit from any of the welding positioners available from Tokentools. It is important to consider the welding speed required of any object placed onto the positioner. This is easily calculated by using pi or 22/7. Take a measurement across the diameter of the object and multiply it by 3.14 The R

#WeldingPositioner Standard Welding Positioner-HBJ Series

HBJ200 Welding Positioner(20t) #Welding Positioner

HBJ03 Welding Positioner(300kg) #Welding Positioner

Complete #Weld #Automation #Systems - Welding positioners, manipulators, turning rolls and other weld automation products are available for sale, lease and rent at Red-D-Arc Welderentals.

#WeldingPositioner HBJ30 Welding Positioner(3t)

Welding Positioner Chuck Available in Several Sizes - To compliment the range of Tokentools Welding Positioner machines available here several welding positioner 3 jaw chucks are available also. The 3 jaw chuck unit has a swivel handle that allows for rapid opening and closing of the jaws and having only 3 jaws means they are self centering. If buying the welding positioner and 3 jaw chuck together a further discount is available. Orders can be made for the 3 Jaw Chuck at th


Elevating Welding Positioner-HBS Series

Small Portable Pipe Welding Positioner BY-10 :