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As opposed to doing the same thing and expecting a different result, which is the definition of insanity.

39 Inspirational Quotes About Life

39 Inspirational Quotes About Life

List of top 10 best friendship quotes Friendship is one of the most beautiful relation in this world. Just think for a moment what would have become of you if you had no friends, you’l…

Me. Maybe I'm not Lonely. Just a loner.

cindi-surrenders: “thepsychmind: “ Fun Psychology facts here! ” …in that case I’m an intelligent person.

True Facts!

I have learned these past 2 years of my life that yes it is hard to move on. But the Lord has showed me how, and he has gave me some special people in my life to move on with.

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Still sitting in this fucking place.that calls themselves a hospital.but it occurred to me to say fuck it.I'm gonna be single, wave bye to the past and welcome the future.

Definitely the criticism part.

The Best Zodiac Facts On The Web

Pisces: "The love of Pisces is no ordinary love, and few know how to love like them. I'm Pisces.

I definitely don't need anyone, but I welcome someone to add more happiness to my life for sure :)

I definitely don't need anyone, but I welcome someone to add more happiness to my life for sure :)

The Soul Usually Knows What To Do To Heal Itself. The Challenge Is To Silence The Mind.

The soul usually knows what to do to heal itsels. The challenge is to silence the mind. 25 Quotes to Live By After a Breakup

I will win. Not immediately, but definitely.

75 Great Motivational Quotes For The Modern Gentleman

This quote shows how Prince Hamlet feels towards his uncle after the ghost Old Hamlet tells him that it was his brother that poisoned him and caused his death. Prince Hamlet promised his father that he will avenge his death.

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