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Read this article about how the ph changes in the ocean is favoring an increase of Jellyfish communes in the ocean. We actively can help by choosing sustainable fishes like albacore instead of tuna. And by keeping up with the world around us.

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7 (More!) Weird Wonders of the Marine Animal World

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Arctic Biologist Shares Astonishing Sea Creatures With the World

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Blobfish - Found in the deep seas off the coast of Australia, the Blobfish is as lethargic as it looks and sounds. While this aquatic being may look like something out of a horror film, there’s no need to be scared because it’s essentially a floating gelatinous mass with very little muscle. The comatose creature doesn’t even bother to swim; it simply swallows whatever drifts by its mouth, making it even more sloth-like than an actual sloth.

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Cirrate octopod - or Dumbo Octopus. How many kinds of Dumbo octopod are there? They seem to range in length of tentacles.

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California Sunfish. They used to have one of these at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, it was my favorite thing to see there. It amazed me how something so large and unlovely could move with such amazing grace and fluidity. Such joy!

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Stingray. This is by far the strangest creature I've ever seen. I love it. Strangely beautiful --BH

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