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Weird news

14-year-old floors the world with deceptively simple poem

14-year-old floors the world with deceptively simple poem - Weird News - News - The Independent

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Queen Elizabeth I’s long-lost skirt to go on display after being found on a church altar in Herefordshire

A piece of fabric described as the Holy Grail of fashion history will become one of the star attractions at Hampton Court Palace after it was identified as the only surviving piece of clothing worn by Elizabeth I.

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The news reporter in Zootopia is different in each region - WTF fun fact

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Magic Roundabout, mesmerizing music, trippy storlines, real hippy influences here, I loved Dougal and also ate sugar lumps given half a chance...

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Retro Gamer forum • View topic - Heidi and Silas - 80's tv crap Godzilla - 80's kids tv gold

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Onigirazu (sushi sandwich)

Onigirazu also known as a sushi sandwich is a great way to enjoy your sushi on the go. Our version has a vegan filling of katsu tofu and sweet potato.

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The 'Predator' project: Artist creates disturbing mirror sculptures that make human forms blend into their surroundings

The predator project: The mirrored sculptures were installed as part of the town's regeneration scheme and to convey the changes that have occurred in the landscape over the last few hundred years

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Married Nigerian father 'killed by his erection' after overdosing on a sex drug

The man died as a result of 'the stress of the consistent hardness' according to a source