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Vampire Fang Nails Are the New Grunge Trend You'll Want to Try

Did you ever heard this famous quote from Marilyn Monroe, “I don’t know who invented high heels, but all women owe him a lot?” The famous Hollywood actress and beauty icon, remarked this about pointed

none of these are practical, but all of them are architectural wonders! Congrats to the nail techs who sculpted these!

25 Easy Nail Art Designs (Tutorials) for Beginners - 2018 Update

Presenting prism edge nails. It’s a new nailart trend that makes your nails look like massive chunks of crystal.  The trend for manicures is essentially a twist on an existing weird nail art technique called edge nails, which involves adding acrylic powder or gel to create a heavily angled shape. A unique look for your nails this summer

The prism edge nails trend is kind of magical

Crystal nails with hologram Mylar foil by Alison Nicole Nail Company Edge shape nail design

multicolor weird nail art

55 Weird Dazzling Summer Nail Art Designs To Enhance the Scope of Creativity

Fashion boundaries have changed and girlies do not hesitate to get more creative with clothes, accessories, hairstyles and even their nails. They use dazzling summer nail art designs to make a style statement.

Aint Nobody Got Time For That! (But daaaaayum those are sick and impressive!)

Awesome nails are awesome.

Funny pictures about When geek girls get bored. Oh, and cool pics about When geek girls get bored. Also, When geek girls get bored.

Try to bring creativity in nail art. Always try new styles of manicure and colour of nails. We always try to facilitate you with new ideas of nail art. Today, enjoy the tie dye nail art. Is this sound weird? Are you thinking about tie dye technique? Yes! It is simple to apply on your nails, you will…

Creative Tie Dye Nail Art

Tie dye your tips with this nail art tutorial and sneak peek from "Pretty Hands and Sweet Feet"! - Looking for Hair Extensions to refresh your hair look instantly? KINGHAIR® only focus on premium quality remy clip in hair.

You'll Forget All About Galaxy Nails When You See Geode Nails

You'll Forget All About Galaxy Nails When You See Geode Nails

Unistella Mani Carton Magazine

Les wire nails d’Unistella

The Best Of Hilariously Awkward Nail Art - BuzzFeed Mobile

The Best Of Hilariously Awkward Nail Art