So funny...I actually recently went to my doc and was told I am over weight....and was offered diet pills....didn't realize when they asked me how tall I am I told them 54" not 64" so of course I was too short!

Sometimes You Just Need to Laugh

Funny Confession Ecard: According to this BMI chart. At least I figured out the problem.

Here is some great kettlebell exercises for the beginner to get you started.

21 Secrets Girls Who Lift Won't Tell You

Power Systems Kettlebell Training Poster, Kettlebell Training Poster features 12 kettlebell exercises and shows the starting and finishing position of each along with bullet point instructions for proper execution.

"When you kinda wanna Just Do It but not really" :)

Hilarious Weight-Loss Quotes to Instantly Feel Better About Your Diet

Can't get rid of that constant back pain? Do the following pain-relieving yoga sequence two to three times a week to start feeling back pain relief!

12 Yoga Poses to Alleviate Back Pain

Yoga Fitness Flow - Reduce back pain with these 12 yoga poses. - Get Your Sexiest Body Ever! …Without crunches, cardio, or ever setting foot in a gym!

It's funny how simple things like this help your stamina and agility. So interesting!

The Best Fitness Watches for Women Who Want a Rockin' Bod in 2017

Discover how to set wise weight loss goals for the coming New Year that will help to achieve success & avoid unrealistic expectations & toxic habits!

Wise Weight Loss Goals For 2017 With 'Invisible' Chronic Illness

A good reminder of how to keep things in perspective on your weight loss journey....great motivation too!  How much have YOU lost? - Imgur

How much have YOU lost?

Your weight loss_this really puts things into I lost a bald eagle then found an average new born