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Funny Weight Loss Motivational Quotes ...just do it!

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Why Morning Workouts Are the Key to Burning More Calories

The spoils. Food. Goodness. Tuesday was kind of a mess for me. I got a mile HIIT run in in the morning. I had signed up for spinning but realized I had to go to a training in Syracuse in the afternoon. Scratch that off the list. I thoughts I … Read more →

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These Quotes about Weight Loss Are Hilarious - and Motivating ...

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"My goal is to lose 60lbs. Each lb I lose, I am putting $5 aside so when I am at goal weight, I can afford a new wardrobe. "

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Im on that diet where you cut out all carbs and all sugar and all happiness.

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Don't forget your FitBit! Fitness Motivation. Fitness quotes. Running and walking.

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47 Detox Drinks & Recipes for Cleansing & Weight Loss

My life right now... At work it's not a problem because if I can eat a cheese stick between periods I'm doing great, but just around the house is harder...

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Battle of the Bulge! Tips and Facts about weight loss. - Insanity Workout #insanityworkout #fitness #insanity

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Poor eating habits is a major health concern among people worldwide who in rush of hour accustom themselves to unhealthy eating practices.

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Weight loss motivational quotes #weightloss #diet #fitness

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Sometimes You Just Need to Laugh

So funny...I actually recently went to my doc and was told I am over weight....and was offered diet pills....didn't realize when they asked me how tall I am I told them 54" not 64" so of course I was too short!

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Gym humor...unwanted weight gain