Ready for next week. Decided to keep the same weekly spread but I added some colour to it.

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WEBSTA @ bulleteverything - I got my first weekly spread done and I'm happy with it!! Can't wait to learn from this week and get some more ideas for next week! Here I've got my to-do's (daily, weekly, and next week), weather forecasts per day, food log (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack), water intake (one drop = 10 oz.), wake

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daily - sunshine - weather - arrow - water layout BULLET JOURNAL JUNKIES * FB I'm not complaining about the gorgeous weather but it does seem silly to be tracking the warm sunshine we get- but look, it rained today- love adding the cloud- and rain drops!

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@balancedlitdiet ---> Dramatic Weather! Amazing take on the dramatic play area that really supports oral language, vocabulary, and early reading and writing.

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