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pregnancy calendar - this is a Must read! The lady that wrote this is dead on and hilarious! Made me squash some of my early on fears

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Week by Week Pregnancy Calendar

The #Pregnancy calendar offers a full 1-42 week perspective on pregnancy. It includes mom, baby, and partner in what's happening, it even gives tips and tricks and twin information.

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Pregnancy To Do List: find a midwife, research birth plan, research prenatal exercise class, research work maternity leave, start thinking about telling family/friends (week 13), decide on daycare/nanny/stay at home, research childbirth classes, make dental appointment, decide if you want to find out gender, order baby furniture, tell employer and decide when to take maternity leave, decide on paediatrician, finalise birth plan, wash baby clothes, organise nursery, know false labour signs...

The To Dos in the week by week pregnancy calendar provide reminders of important things to do each week while pregnant, from doctors appointments to belly pictures and more.

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