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Weekend With Bernie

Weekend With Bernie Bernie Sanders is the hottest presidential candidate right now, and the unlikeliest — a grouchy socialist from Vermont who has built his message around biting the hand that feeds the political system

Weekend With Bernie

"Once you get off of the social issues — abortion, gay rights, guns — and into the economic issues," he says, "there is a lot more agreement [amongst Americans] than the pundits understand." Bernie Sanders to RollingStone

Weekend With Bernie

Sanders in 1981, after winning the mayoral election in Burlington, Vermont

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Weekends With Bernie

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‘We Can Beat This Guy’: Bernie Sanders Urges Mass Mobilization Against Donald Trump’s Agenda - Truthdig

“End Fossil Fuel Subsidies”If I could vote here, I would vote for Bernie! So, I’m happy to be a part of the “Weekend with Bernie” art show and fundraiser presented by Matt Star!Friday, Feb 12, 7pm-12amSaturday, Feb 13, 11am-11pmWayfayers, 1109 Dekalb Ave. Brooklyn, NY

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Reminds me of the convention this weekend! How we are to look past the differences of others and forgive when they hurt us and get to know them. Be holy and be not a coward.

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