While most married men choose to wear a wedding band, most guys typically settle for a plain, comfort-fit band.  The most popular band for men is the traditional yellow gold band but in recent years there has been a welcoming trend to offer more unique styles and metals.  This trend has made it possible forRead More

Making a Statement With Unique Wedding Bands

This is the picture Chris used to have my engagement ring engraved! I think these are the loveliest kind of wedding ring. "My parents had matching engraved rings, and I love how my dad's has worn smooth and my mom's still has the pattern.

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*my dream wedding ring. But w/a gorgeous emerald in the middle instead of a diamond* This is probably the prettiest ring I've ever seen

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150 Best Wedding Ring Tattoos Designs [2017 Collection]

Wedding ring tattoos are so romantic! Here in this collection we have collected most beautiful wedding ring tattoo designs 2017 for your inspiration.

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I like the idea of something like this but with each others birth stones. His & Hers Mens Womens Matching 950 Platinum Wedding Bands Rings Set Wide Sizes Free Engraving New

Antique Wedding Rings

40 Latest Wedding Ring Designs: Memories Remain Alive!

K18(ゴールド),つや消し/マリッジリング:Deserto(デザート) [結婚指輪,オーダーメイド,マリッジリング,marriage,wedding,ring,gold,]

K18(ゴールド),つや消し/マリッジリング:Deserto(デザート) [結婚指輪,オーダーメイド,マリッジリング,marriage,wedding,ring,gold,]