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Wedding present etiquette

30 Ideas for Winter Wedding Favors

Want a favor that your guests will definitely use? Provide something that'll keep them warm through these frigid months, like gloves.

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Iraqi bride 1940s ... ahh... back when a veil was a veil. white, and worn for one ceremony. Then put away in the attic. Not the present day Honor Killing, acid attacks, how to beat your wife Etiquette, mulit-wives, stoned to death, beheaded for talking back. Only 30 years ago, or less, women in Mid East were FREE> Shariah Law is Enemy of "feminism". & FREEDOM

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Do Stock Guests’ Rooms-Destination Wedding Etiquette Dos and Don'ts | Martha Stewart Weddings

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Destination Wedding Etiquette

Buying Gifts for Destination Weddings - Destination Wedding Etiquette - Good Housekeeping

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Forget a gift list. This couple asked guests for random acts of kindness as wedding presents

Using the old price-per-plate rule to gauge the cost of your gift is outdated. This article explains the new rules of how much to spend on a wedding gift.

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